Stop Setting Goals Around What You Want To Accomplish, Do This Instead

For the final #PowerHour Slack chat of 2017, marketing entrepreneur and author Emmelie De La Cruz  shared with subscribers of #theAgenda lessons she’s learned about herself both professionally and personally over the last 365 days.

For over an hour, Emmelie dropped gems about handling business practices, setting boundaries and the importance of extending grace to yourself.

Here’s one piece of advice about evolving professionally that resonated with many in #theAgenda:

“Stop setting goals on what you want to accomplish. Start setting goals around the habits you need to create to accomplish those things.” 

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On practicing self-care in such a noisy atmosphere like the Internet:  

So now, self-care to me is leaving texts and emails unanswered. Working the hours that I choose, not the hours my community tries to set for me, and being unapologetic about vacation. As entrepreneurs we feel like we have to be people pleasers, but self-care is respecting yourself enough to put your needs first each and every time. Self-care isn’t a thing you do, it’s a way you live.

On things she had to unlearn and relearn about herself as she evolved professionally: 

I had to learn to just thrive in the chaos, you know?  And understand that “figuring it out” is an okay place to be. I also had to reframe the word sacrifice in my life. I was always framing my life from a place of “lack.” Lack of time, money, energy, resources, etc.  I’m not sacrificing anything – I am making a *choice* to INVEST.

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