The Making of Her Agenda: Mentors, Milestones, Motivations

Nearly 1 out of every 5 women in the U.S. do not have a mentor. As a consequence, many women lack the experience and guidance needed to accomplish success. Despite efforts to achieve equality, women are still over looked within the work place. For those women who have broken the barrier, how do we continue their success?

That's the inspiration behind this panel and the motivation behind the efforts of  I am so excited to bring together powerful women who have made strides in their careers to talk to young women at the beginning of their careers to talk about mentorship, career milestones, and motivations.

I hope you can join us if you are in the New York City area on January 31st.  Just send in an RSVP to

For more information on this event, click here. 


Rhonesha Byng

About Rhonesha Byng

Rhonesha is the founder of She resides in New York City and works as a journalist and an entrepreneur.
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