The New York Times Hosts Online Chat On Post-Election Fears

The New York Times Host Chat On Election Fears

Now that the initial shock on how president elect Donald Trump won is over, the political discourse of this country’s future has begun.

The New York Timesrecently they hosted a chat moderated by Susan Chira and Claire Cain Miller from the Upshot to discuss issues that were brought up by the election. 

Here are some main concerns from the chat:

Will Men Be Bolder With “Their Locker Room Talk”?

Through the last months of this election “locker room talk” began to make it’s way into the political conversation when Trump referred to his comments about women as just that. With already recorded comments of Donald Trump condoning sexual harassment there is a legitimate fear men will become more bold with their comments and gestures.  

How has the election affected younger men?

While some young men grew up looking to president Obama, many men will grow up looking to president elect Trump. Miller shared in the chat, “Some people are concerned that Trump’s brand of hyper-masculinity – bullying, boasting about assaulting women or never having changed a diaper – is already having an effect on boys and will continue to do so. With Susan Chira pointing out that Trump’s child care vision is backed by his daughter Ivanka, it will be interesting to see how a mother will push his view.

How will the LGBT community be affected?

While the LGBT community is continuing to see a slow but prevalent change on how policies will impact them in the U.S., there is fear having Trump in the White House will provoke hate crimes. Because Mike Pence has shunned the community by ejecting the Obama administration directive on transgender bathrooms or opposing a law that would prohibit discrimination against LGBT people in the workplace, many Americans are curious to see if his views will influence president elect Trump’s. Considering Trump seemed in favor of transgender people using the bathroom of their choice in a recent “Today Show” interview, this has the LGBT community even more confused on the Trump’s administration contrasting views.

Will Birth Control Go Away?

Over and over again Trump has mentioned repealing Obamacare which has many people worried. His strict view on abortion stirs up fears that women will loose access to birth control. Miller points out that birth control won’t go away, however it might go up in price. The Affordable Care Act increased access to women’s health and covers all approved forms of birth control without charging women any co-payments, so this perhaps may change under Trump. 

These concerns addressed in the New York Times chat previewed not just one community but a handful of communities that were affected by this presidential election race.

Nandi Howard

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Nandi Howard is a student, journalist, and advocate for black feminism. She is a senior at DePaul University in Chicago, IL with a major in Journalism and minor in Public Relations & Advertising. Following her graduation in June 2017, she will continue to grow in her career path by attending law school this upcoming Fall. Her constant contributions to her school newspaper and magazine as well as her curating her on own blog demonstrate the passion she for has lifestyle reporting and marketing. Nandi’s pieces often about beauty & health, social justice issues, and music demonstrates the diversity she brings out as a reporter.
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