The Planner You Need for 2016 To Keep You Focused

DailyGreatness Journal Business Planner

Time and money are two items that are usually at the top of the list of ‘things I need more of’ for entrepreneurs.

There’s a plethora of thought leadership out there offering advice on how to focus on what matters in order to get things done. On top of this, chances are if you’re an entrepreneur who doesn’t have a business background you likely have trouble around the following areas: organization, focus, finances and personal growth.

You’re not alone. But with the right tools you can overcome. This is precisely why Lyndelle Palmer-Clarke created The Dailygreatness Business Planner: An Actionable Plan for Expanding Your Mind & Exploding Your Business.business_1024x1024

“To overcome the inevitable frustration we face as we continue to learn and grow, we must remain intensely focused on the outcome, not the obstacles.” This is one of several inspirational and motivational quotes to get you through your task list and help you to focus on your goals.

I first came across The Dailygreatness journal in a meeting with a woman who is an attorney, started her own firm, and works with clients that range from media to tech. She opened up the journal and it immediately caught my eye for two reasons. This planner was beautifully designed, and it’s pretty thick.

When I opened it up to look through I noticed it was actually practical, and comprehensive. It doesn’t just give you dates and space to write down appointments, it goes above and beyond offering you advice and actual tools you can use to strategize and ultimately grow your business including one of my favorite exercises: the business model canvas. There’s also week to week planning, finance and budget worksheets and more.

Here’s a full list of the features:

      • Week-to-a-View Planner
      • One Page Business Plan
      • Business Vision Planner
      • Expansion Strategy Worksheet (new) 
      • Social Media Content Planner (new) 
      • Comprehensive Goal Planning System
      • Weekly, Quarterly and Yearly Check-Ins 
      • 90 Day Business Challenges
      • Weekly Priority Planners
      • Weekly Action Planners
      • Inspirational Quotes
      • Weekly and Quarterly Goal Planners
      • Finance Manager and Budget Worksheets 
      • Un-dated, so you can start anytime

The prompts encourage you to focus on the vision you have not just for today, or this year, but up to ten years from now. Making time to actually think concretely about where your business is heading, and then to write it down, and think realistically about the steps that it takes to get there is both practical and powerful.


As mentioned earlier, it’s not only business goals that the journal gives you space to reflect on, personal growth is also a factor.  The journal opens with a page on what it takes to be an entrepreneur, listing traits like “willing to do whatever it takes to make your idea a success, willing to risk failure or look silly…”

The journal also details specific suggestions on how to improve in each of the areas they highlight. One of my favorite tips from the section on focus is the concept of planning your days in blocks of 90-minutes with one 10-minute break at the 40-minute mark. They cite research that says most healthy adults are unable to sustain attention on one thing for more than 40 minutes at a time.

Want the chance to win your very own journal? We will select one winner from #theAgenda, our premium user community on Slack (click here to sign up). The winner must meet the following conditions: 

The deadline to enter is January 31st. The winner will be selected on February 1st. 

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[PS, if you would like to read more about #theAgenda, click here.]

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