#WatchingOprah Exhibit Opens This Week At The National Museum of African American History And Culture

As a media mogul, journalist, talk show host and CEO Oprah Winfrey has made history and that history will now be reflected through a series of 250 artifacts and videos in the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History And Culture.

On Friday, June 8th the public will be able to see the exhibit paying tribute to Oprah Winfrey told through the lens of American culture’s impact on Oprah and then over time her influence on American culture.

It’s 4,300 square feet of Oprah magic. From diary entries, to historic context around the year she was born, all of it aligns into the story of how a poor girl from Mississippi grew up to take ownership of  her voice, and turned that voice into an empire.

Watch the video below to see Oprah’s emotional reaction of seeing the exhibit: 

You can also get a video overview of the exhibit in the clip below:

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