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    The Main Agenda

    The Uncertainty Of Retirement Is Forcing Millennials To Get Creative

    Retirement is a daunting topic for most Americans, but millennials are fighting against the statistics. Millennials are actively searching for positions and ideas to help us build money for retirement needs. Saving in this economy has always been an issue for the generation, but it is one being faced head on.
    By Jazmine Wilkes
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    The Main Agenda

    More Women Are Receiving Advanced Degrees And Have The Student Loans To Prove It

    Women are making the biggest strides in education when compared to men. Unfortunately, this means we also have the biggest student loan debt problem digging at our pockets.
    By Jazmine Wilkes
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    The Main Agenda

    Women Of Color Aren’t Entitled – They Are Determined And Deserving

    Women of color are determined to make our mark on the world in every aspect possible. For so long we’ve been told to depend on someone else to make situations happen. This is no longer an acceptable social norm.
    By Jazmine Wilkes
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