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Born on the 27th day of August in 1994, Makeba Green began taking pictures at the age of five. As a child, Makeba was always told that she wouldn’t make it in life and was discouraged by many people as she was growing up. Although Makeba was berated by negative people, she didn’t let that discourage her. Instead, those same people motivated her to be the young entrepreneur that she is today. With the support of family and friends Makeba pursued her dream to open her own photography business along with her other dream to become a lawyer. Her inspiration came not only from friends and family but from the various programs she attended throughout her childhood and adolescent years. These positive outlets showed her that her dream of becoming a business owner at a young age wasn’t as farfetched as many people believed it to be. Makeba also relied on the history of her people as sign of encouragement. Through reading and becoming familiar with her history, she realized that the trials and tribulations she faced weren’t issues that she endured alone but were issues she shared collectively with her people. This inspired Makeba to never give up on her dreams, no matter how outlandish they may sound to some people. She had the chance to show the world a little bit about how much she does and how much she gives back by being a guest on Channel 12 News, The Positive Controversy TV Show, being featured in several newspapers from Local Talk, The Star Ledger, The Montclarion Times, and Brick City Live just to name a few. Makeba has written two books titled Successful Leaders, and How to sell Lemonade the Professional Way, along with having her own radio show called, “The Greatness in You.” She has an upcoming TV Show and working with on a tour to speak to young people all over the world. Makeba has hosted over one hundred successful community events like conferences, galas, networking events etc. She has received over one hundred awards for her dedication and commitment to the community. She teaches entrepreneurship, photography, leadership and videography classes to students throughout the United States.. She feels that her business is like a relationship; in order to make it work you have to commit everyday to your goals and when the road gets tough you can never give up on your business. Quitting is the easiest thing to do, but Makeba has proved she doesn’t want the easy way out of life; she would rather have a challenge.

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