3 Ways To Set Tangible Goals With Intention


Jun. 4 2021, Published 4:50 a.m. ET

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Maybe, like me, you have done the hard work of re-assessing your 2021 goals. Summer of ’21 feels a bit like a new year, so it is fitting that resolutions, plans, and dreams re-launch and come alive. Yet, setting a new goal agenda is only half of what is required to actually achieve what you want. Next, you actually have to set the work in motion with consistency and belief. Every. Day.

A different time calls for a different habit. Grab your goals and celebrate your results with these 3 strategies worthy of implementing right now. The special difference in these strategies is that they all require small increments of time to achieve big. Pick one or more of these strategies to get you started and think in goal bursts!

1. Create An In-Action Wall

Stay curious and in-action on all aspects of your goals by creating a visual empowerment wall of wonder and next steps. This is a good technique to implement if you enjoy doing visualization boards.

Use sticky notes and markers to create headers for each of your goals. Then underneath each goal, map out a series of action steps that will enable you to achieve each idea. Put each of these action steps on sticky notes underneath the goal header creating an action web.

At the beginning of the week pick an action step from each of your goals.

Wonder how you will achieve it?

Calendar that next step right onto your calendar. This visual display will illustrate your own growth as you power down on action steps and power up on achievements.

2. Schedule Your Success

At the beginning of each week access your list of goals and identify 7+ action steps you are prepared to put into motion for each objective for the week ahead.

Write down all of your potential action steps by goal and post them where you will see them.

Next, open up your calendar and sprinkle in a series of success meetings with yourself for the week ahead. Block off 30-minutes in the mornings, or 60-minutes at lunchtime, or 15-minute bursts throughout the week and put them directly on your calendar.

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At your designated meeting times, access your list of action steps for the week. Pick and choose from your action step menu according to the scope of the goal and the time allotment you have available. Then execute giving the action step you choose your whole focus for your selected meeting time. When your time is up stop.

If you cannot make your designated meeting be kind to yourself. Treat your goal meeting as you would a meeting with a potential client. Would you reschedule it? If so, do the same for yourself.

At the end of the week, recap your successes. What did you get done? How did that empower you and make you feel? What expectations need to be tinkered with and tweaked for next week?

Now, lean into your wins and repeat this process for the next week. Honoring your time with yourself will create a daily success habit that in turn will enable staying energized and in-action on your goals.

The result? You will lead and grab your goals, one hour and one minute at a time.

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3. Achieve Your Daily One Thing 

One of the reasons it is sometimes difficult to achieve your goals is that you may have too many to focus on. In order to bring clarity and a bit of editing to your goal setting and getting, set a daily one thing at the start of each day.

This is the one thing you are committing to being in-action on in the next 24 hours. Make best use of your to-do list by incorporating events, meetings and activities that drive that small goal or aspect of your goal. Recap your progress at the end of the day and then reset your one thing for the next day!

This post was written by Randi Levin and originated on Thrive Global.  

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