4 Career Coaches Helping Women Professionals Reach Their Goals

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May 9 2024, Published 8:10 a.m. ET

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As millennials explore the options available to them in their professional careers – promotions, new jobs, entrepreneurship – career coaches are an important resource for helping professionals identify what their dream jobs look like, what their long term professional goals are, and how to develop strategies for success.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of four women career coaches helping women professionals reach their career goals:

Jessica Galica recently told the MIT Sloan School of Management she wants her clients to have a “mission statement” for their careers. Before becoming a career coach, she received an MBA from MIT and worked for Bain & Co. and Apple. She is also the author of , which helps women reclaim control of their career trajectories, and has been featured in Forbes advocating women take a more proactive approach to seeking workplace benefits.

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Galica told MIT the most difficult lesson she learned was that women need to develop a strong professional brand. In order for women to find career success, Galica recommends taking a “strategic planning” approach: create a mission statement for your career, commit to 1-2 career goals every year and block time on your calendar to review and track against those goals.

Source: Career Unicorns
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Highlighted by Forbes as one of the top career coaches from various racial and ethnic backgrounds help underrepresented talent find jobs. With Career Unicorns, Selim coaches BIPOC women and first-generation professionals work toward their dream careers. According to Forbes, Selim is the daughter of Laotian refugees and uses her experience to help more than 1,000 client land their dream jobs and get promoted.

During a talk she gave at Google, Selim discussed why building your personal brand matters and how authenticity fits into a personal brand. In a discussion at UC Berkeley, Selim shared tools and strategies to have clear vision, growth and commitment to realizing career goals.  

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Source: Your Career Girl
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The author of Deeper Than Work: How Women of Color Can Make More Money, Have More Impact and Thrive In the Corporate World, Dorianne St. Fleur is an author, speak and consultant who has been highlighted by Forbes as a life coach who is working to help underrepresented people find career success. St. Fleur’s professional experience includes working in Human Resources, Diversity and Inclusion and leadership positions at companies such as Google, Goldman Sachs and AT&T.

As the founder of Your Career Girl, she’s been featured as an expert inBlack Enterprise, offering tips Black women can use to “win at work.” Her podcast, “Deeper Than Work,” has also been featured in BuzzFeed for its helpful career advice.

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Eliana Goldstein works specifically with people in their 20s and 30s who are career driven and looking to move up in their careers or are looking for a full career pivot. She has publicly shared her professional struggles as a professional millennial, until she decided to choose a different experience. She’s been featured as an expert in Forbes, sharing habits that helped their leadership clients thrive. Her advice: consistently writing down their wins in a “not-too-humble brag.”  

In a piece for HerMoney, Goldstein offers reassurance to struggling professional millennials: you’re not alone. In speaking with BBC, she weighed in on the “lazy girl trend,” saying it is a direct response to the “culture of overwork.”

Want to learn more about the “lazy girl trend” and the “soft life”? Read our latest piece here.

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