5 Apps Created By Women That Every Entrepreneur Needs On Her Phone


Mar. 4 2021, Published 9:02 a.m. ET

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Millennials spend nearly six hours on their phones every day, a study found, but is your phone optimized to help you live your most productive, enriched life? 

These apps from women entrepreneurs provide tools that no woman should be without. They are helpful for organizing and running your business or your life, and just downloading them helps support a fellow female entrepreneur. 

So make some space on your phone, because these five apps are worth the download! 


Shine is “Your daily mental health check-in” and its founders, Naomi Hirabayashi and Marah Lidey, are on a mission to make caring for your mental health easier and more representative and inclusive. 

“We started Shine because we didn’t see ourselves—a Black woman and a half-Japanese woman—and our experiences represented in mainstream ‘wellness,’” the founders share. “Our bodies, our skin color, our financial access, our past traumas—it all often felt otherized.” 

This app allows you to prioritize your mental health in an accessible way that seamlessly becomes part of your daily routine. With Shine, users learn a new self-care strategy each day and have access to an audio library of more than 800 meditations, bedtime stories, and calming sounds. 

“Our desire to disrupt the pricey, preachy, and privileged world of wellness is what gets us out of bed each morning,” the Shine website explains. If you’re looking for a mental and emotional wellness app but haven’t found the perfect one yet, give Shine a try. It’s easy to use and makes prioritizing wellness easy. 

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The mission of PepTalkHer and its founder, Meggie Palmer, is to close the gender pay gap. How can an app help increase women in executive positions, strengthen the talent pipeline, and achieve gender diversity in leadership? 

The app is like an online brag book to keep track of your wins at work. The virtual scrapbook is where you record milestones, emails from happy clients, or photos of events you organized. 

Not only is this a great reminder of the amazing work you do when you need a pick-me-up, it can also help when it’s time to ask for a raise or at the annual performance review. Throughout the year, add text and photos of your successes and great feedback, so at review time you have a record of everything you’ve contributed and your wins.


24me, co-founded by Liat Mordechay Hertanu, is a personal assistant in your pocket that can help you boost your productivity. The app is super powerful while being easy to use, and lets you put everything in one place: calendar, to-do list, notes, and more. 

24me uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide you with information about what’s coming up when you need it. It does almost everything a real personal assistant does: gets tasks and errands done automatically, pays your bills, buys gifts for special events, makes sure you get to meetings on time, and much more. 

The app was founded by Liat and her husband, technology experts and young parents with a mission of helping people have a better quality of life so they could focus on the things that matter most. 

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Download 24me and it will quickly replace the other organization and calendar apps on your phone. It’s smart and sophisticated, with a beautiful design that makes it fun to use. 


There are lots of period tracker apps out there, but Clue is the crème de la crème. It’s straightforward and scientific, teaching you about your body and topics ranging from menstruation and fertility to sexual health and gender. 

Co-founder and CEO Ida Tin developed the app to help women understand their cycles and bodies and clear up misconceptions about women’s health. Clue predicts your period, PMS symptoms, and fertile window based on current science, all tracked in an aesthetically appealing interface that is easy and fun to use. 

In addition to learning about your cycle as you track it, the app provides in-depth information about the menstrual cycle with tips, remedies, and educational content. 

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Coming soon to users in the US is the newest feature, Clue Birth Control, a predictive feature that helps prevent pregnancy and is based on numerous studies. With typical use, Clue Birth Control is 92% effective at preventing pregnancy, and 97% effective with perfect use. 


MYAVANA is your virtual destination for a healthy hair journey backed with technology and science that recommends the perfect products and regimen for your hair type and texture.

MYAVANA uses artificial intelligence to recommend the perfect products for your hair. You can take photos of your hair and receive an analysis of your hair type, recommended products, healthy hair guidance, and a consultation with an expert. You also have the option to send strands of your hair for more detailed hair analysis. 

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Founder and CEO Candace Mitchell created the supportive community with the goal of transforming the haircare industry after struggling with her own natural hair journey. “I was using so many different products and nothing was working,” she said. “My hair was drying out and breaking off. I asked my friends and roommates what they used and they were all telling me different things so I realized that there was such a trial and error process that we go through to find the right products for our hair and to learn how to know how to really take care of our hair. I used my background in computer science to develop technology that can analyze your hair type and texture and instantly match you with the products that will give you the best results for your hair goals.”

No matter where you’re at on your hair health journey, MYAVANA can help you reach your goals, find new products, regimens, and salons, and connect you with a community passionate about hair care. 

“My advice to women entrepreneurs is to be confident and believe in yourself every step of the way,” Mitchell shared. “Do the research on your market to understand the problem that you’re solving and how much money it’s going to take to bring your product or solution to market. Then be resourceful to attract the capital and relationships that you need. The odds may be against us in the venture capital world, but our networks contain valuable talent and brilliant minds that can help you execute or direct your strategy.”

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By: Lydia Stowe

Lydia is based in Providence, Rhode Island, where she works as a content marketing manager. In her spare time, she writes about other topics she is passionate about, fosters dogs and children, listens to podcasts, experiments in the kitchen, and is active in her local church.

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