6 Invaluable Benefits For Parents Working From Home

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Dec. 8 2023, Published 8:10 a.m. ET

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In today’s ever-evolving work environment, experts and parents agree that few things surpass the convenience of working from home. With benefits ranging from enhanced flexibility to being present with loved ones, the dynamic works in favor of parents.  In this article, we will highlight six invaluable benefits of parents working from home. 

Disrupting Gender Norms And Barriers

According to The Modern Workplace Report from and Mother Honestly, 77% of men and women argue that remote work has created a more even playing field for career advancement across gender lines. Contrary to old beliefs, women, who take on the bulk of caregiver responsibilities no longer need to feel derailed by unexpected at-home issues. Now, they can be present when the situation calls.

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Improve Time Management

Showing your face at the office can be invaluable for building rapport and establishing relationships. However, if you are in a leadership role, a request to swing by your desk can steal from productivity time with more requests over time. Working from home also aids employees in being more effective with time management.

Eliminate Distractions

When it comes to building better time management habits, working from home can help eliminate unwanted distractions — from loud coworkers to occasional workplace gossip. As a result, this creates the ideal work environment for success.

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Increased Productivity

Say goodbye to long commutes and hello to increased productivity. The previous report revealed that “more than half (55%) of surveyed employees shared that they are more productive working remotely.” In addition, 88% of employees saved more than 30 minutes, and 67% of employees saved an hour or more each day by avoiding traffic. The return? Employees have more time to settle down and focus on executing on the bottom line.

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Time With The Family

Before the global pandemic reshaped the work landscape, hybrid and remote work was uncommon. It was only an option for select employees (executives and managers). With remote work becoming more feasible, parents are hopping on board and reaping the benefits. According to a FlexJobs survey, more than half of the participants (57%), shared that working from home meant creating more time to practice self-care, spend time with family, and be intentional when it came to meal time. It also allowed individuals to squeeze in a workout, which boosted mental and physical health. 

Boost In Savings

By serving as both caregiver and provider — though that may often come with its stressors  — working from home allows parents to pocket a large share of money often set aside to pay for before or after-school programs, daycare, commuting, and more. Reducing or eliminating childcare costs can help boost your savings and prepare you to face any rainy days ahead.

Now that experts are pointing to the extinction of full-time office work — with both employers and employees benefiting from remote work — the above list may evolve and grow. “It’s still an evolving trend, but the movement is very much toward increased remote work,” Julia Pollak, chief economist at ZipRecruiter told CNBC of the ongoing push for employers to offer hybrid and/or remote models. That said, it may be time for more parents to explore the work-from-home dynamic for themselves.

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