Meet Your New Accountability Buddy: 5 Habit-Tracking Apps To Improve Your Lifestyle

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Apr. 1 2024, Published 8:00 a.m. ET

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Repetition is the name of the game when forming habits (good or bad). In fact, research shows that behavior can become habitual when performed on a consistent basis.  

As we go about our day, the tasks we complete daily become second nature. Take, for example, going to the gym. If you start going to the gym each morning before work, this will become your routine over time. As we strive to better ourselves, we’re looking at tools that could come in handy with our pursuits.

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Whether you’re looking for community engagement, behavioral science-driven coaching, or gamified motivation, there’s an app for you. These options may resonate with individuals on a mission to develop and maintain positive habits and goals — from boasting a unique approach to habit tracking to catering to different preferences and motivational styles. Here are five habit trackers for adults to help improve your lifestyle. 

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Touted as the “premier habit tracker,” HabitBull offers a variety of features to help you smash your goals. Create a goal, any goal. Set up reminders. Engage with a community of like-minded individuals to hold you accountable and help you stay motivated. Not to mention, its simple and clean interface makes setup a breeze. 


Meet Fabulous, an award-winning self-care coaching app that “harnesses the power and wisdom of behavioral science to help you develop lasting healthy habits,” per the website. The app offers features designed to help you build daily habits that stick: live coaching, a community support portal, and routine guides for morning, noon, and night.

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Built for the to-do lister, Streaks allows users to create a list of tasks. As users complete tasks, their “streak” is extended. Streaks believes that “working on something every day helps you form a new habit,” per the website. On the flip side, Streaks also believes that there are consequences for a lack of follow-through. When you “break the chain,” your good streak will reset to zero days. Start small by tracking routine tasks such as brushing your teeth, doing the dishes, and more. Build from there.

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Think of Habitica as your modern-day adult Tamagotchi. Users create a customized avatar. Users then complete tasks as they would in real life, with their character. With each completed task, users receive a reward. Failing to complete tasks could lead to literal utter destruction. The idea is that the rewards and consequences directly impact one’s motivation and aid in improving one’s life, one task at a time.

Loop Habit Tracker

The Loop app is aimed at individuals hoping to build long-term habits. The app allows users to track various tasks: journaling, rising early, dedicating time to hobbies, and much more. In addition, users can determine their progress with a one-stop shop that includes friendly reminders, stats, and infographics.

Utilizing habit trackers for adults is a great way to welcome new and healthy habits into your lifestyle. Many habit tracker apps are designed to fulfill your needs; all it takes is finding the right match. Good luck!

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