Here Are The Key Benefits Of Peer Mentors For Millennials

Peer Mentorship
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Jun. 14 2023, Published 8:00 a.m. ET

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There are several reasons why people may be hesitant or reluctant to take career advice from others. Career choices have a significant impact on your life and future. It’s possible you may fear any advice you receive could lead to going down the wrong path or one that isn’t for you. Sometimes it may be especially hard to trust that peers have your best interest at heart if you work in the same or similar role. However, seeking career advice from trusted and knowledgeable sources can be beneficial. It’s essential to have a balance between considering external perspectives and staying true to one’s own values and aspirations.

The following lists key benefits of having a peer mentor:

Shared Experience and Understanding

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Peer mentors have likely gone through similar experiences as their peers, which allows for a greater level of empathy and understanding. They can relate to the challenges and struggles faced by fellow mentees, creating a safe and supportive environment.

Guidance And Support

Peer mentors can provide guidance and support to mentees as they navigate various aspects of their lives, such as school, personal and career growth, and social relationships. This can be especially helpful if a peer works at a different organization and experiences different nuances of your role or industry, adding a more comprehensive understanding of your domain.

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Academic Success

There is great value in networking. Peer mentorship can help you not only feel more connected to your school or organization but improve your performance in that environment. In a recent study, researchers showed that in academic settings, students who participated in peer mentorship significantly improved their grades compared to those who did not, and this performance increased over time with consistent mentorship.

Personal Growth and Development

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Peer mentors can encourage you to explore new personal skills that be beneficial to your personal goals. A peer can also help you develop resilience by sharing their own experiences, providing emotional support, and encouraging you during difficult times. With the various ebbs and flows in life, peers can show you the vale in prioritizing self-care activities such as healthy exercise, mindfulness, and stress management.

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Role Modeling And Inspiration

Peers can serve as role models and sources of inspiration. Instead of viewing your peers’ achievements and accomplishments as competition to your own, these milestones demonstrate what is possible. Your peer or colleague can inspire you to reach similar levels of success and drive you to emulate or redesign positive habits and traits. This model of inspiration is continued when a peer has their own mentor. In this case, you increase your resources and network power farther than your own by tapping into dynamic layers of knowledge and perspective.

Peer mentors can contribute significantly to your development of healthy life and career skills by providing guidance, support, and resources. The right peer model should empower you to take ownership of your personal and professional growth, while expanding their own perspectives too.

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By: Kristelle Beecher

Dr. Kristelle Beecher is a published I/O psychologist, writer, and mental health advocate. As a writer, Kristelle is always in search of "the why" behind life's big journey and uses storytelling to portray her own and different worldviews. She is the founder of The Creative Corporate, which offers career-pathing services to underrepresented, emerging, and transitioning talent in support of creating a meaningful career. As a first-generation American, her passion lies deeply within empowering individuals to be their truest and best selves. Kristelle is a proponent for embracing non-linear paths - she has a BA in Mass Communication and Journalism, an MBA in Human Resources, and a PhD in I/O Psychology. She finds energy in creating change wherever she lands. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, learning new things, and spending time with her family, who all reside in Atlanta, Georgia.

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