How To Spice Up A Neutral Winter Wardrobe With Touches Of Color

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Feb. 6 2024, Published 8:10 a.m. ET

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Getting dressed in the winter isn’t always the most exciting of endeavours and most of us will find ourselves reaching for age-old monochromes and neutrals or anything that will keep us warm. 

But as we move into February and the days get longer – and hopefully brighter – we can’t help wondering how we can bring some life into our winter wardrobe?

Neutrals In Winter?

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Source: Pexels

Yes, we know. Wearing black, black, more black and sometimes a touch of beige can become a vicious fashion cycle and it’s never more prevalent than in winter. The dark skies and chilly temperatures often have us reaching for whatever is a) warm and b) matches our less-than-sunny moods.

However, with trends such as ‘dopamine dressing’ having some serious scientific backing, we can’t help but wonder whether our winter wardrobe needs a good old shakeup.

Luckily, we’ve sat down with Megan Watkins, head stylist at online fashion destination SilkFred, who has shared five styles to add to your winter wardrobe rotation that are sure to boost your mood and your fashion creds. 

1. Tights

Tights have seen a huge resurgence in popularity this year, with #tights reaching 1.4 billion views on TikTok and #coloredtights 9.4 million, with users showing off how they style these brightly colored winter warmers. 

Megan explains: “Seen on the Gucci, Burberry and Jacquemus runways, colored and embroidered tights are everywhere right now. And with tights being an eternal winter staple, going for a fun tight can instantly brighten up your winter wardrobe and bring an elegant twist to classic cold-weather outfits.”

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“Although the weather is altogether too cold to go for the Kendall Jenner/ Miu Miu tights-as-trousers look, make tights the focal point of your winter outfit. They work especially well when you’re going out-out and want to steer away from the classic all-black look that we so often fall into.”

2. Red

///pexels andrea piacquadio  x
Source: Pexels

Red has been the color of the season, with celebs like Selena Gomez, Heidi Klum and Florence Pugh seen rocking it on red carpets showing us that red isn’t just for Christmas. 

Megan reveals: “Red has been on heavy rotation in our wardrobes for a while now thanks to TikTok trends such as ‘strawberry girl summer’ and the ‘cherry red’ fixation of Autumn – thanks again, Gucci, for that Spring 2024 Ready-To-Wear collection.”

“Bright, sunny reds dominated summer and darker reds were seen at nearly every Christmas party we attended but as we slip into February and the days get longer we’ve become obsessed with bold, vivid reds that not only make a statement but lift our moods considerably.”

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“If you’re not quite ready to go for a full-red look just yet, fear not, as these bold hues pair perfectly with monochromes and neutrals. I would suggest opting for a statement piece such as a long wool red coat or oversized blazer. Drape these items over your everyday office clothes and brighten up your life considerably.”

3. Experiment with clashing colors. 

We all have some sense of some colors that we’ve always been told should never be worn together – yellow and green, brown and orange, purple and yellow – the list goes on. But what if you dared to be different?

On how to nail the clashing color trend Megan recommends: “The key to pulling off a clashing color is confidence. If you think it looks good then maybe the rest of the world will too – but if they don’t, who cares?”

“To begin, pick the two ‘clashing colors’ you want to use and find items in your wardrobe that work. I would recommend sticking with casual or classic silhouettes. You’re already making a statement with your color choice so you don’t need to go all out with shape.”

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“One of my favourite clashing combos, especially in winter, are a deep orange and a bright electric blue. Tailored orange trousers paired with a classic blue knit is a surefire way to show off your winter fashion creds.”

4. Sunshine Yellow

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Source: Pexels

Another hot color of 2023, sunshine yellow is the color to play with this winter, especially if you’re trying to inject a little bit of summer into your wardrobe. 

Megan says: “It may seem counterintuitive to wear a color that is so deeply rooted in summer fashion in winter, but this may be why sunshine yellow works so well when the weather is far from fair.”

“The best way to rock sunshine yellow in winter is to add it into your accessories. Think a bright handbag or yellow accents on a trainer. Cute winter accessories like scarfs, mittens and earmuffs look great in this hue too.”

5. Print 

Wearing prints is always a good way to give your outfit some extra oomph, but it’s often reserved for summer where we tend towards florals and graphic designs. 

However, Megan reveals why prints should be worn year-round: “If you’re not ready to incorporate a bold color into your wardrobe, you can elevate your go-to everyday color palette by embracing a print.”

“Prints are, of course, incredibly versatile. Start off small with items like pinstripe trousers, a breton-style striped jumper or a cool tartan jacket. If you feel comfortable enough to go bolder, choose a leopard or cheetah print dress for an on-trend evening look or a funky printed trouser that brings a smile to your face.”

This article was written by Annabel Cooper and originally appeared on Your Coffee Break.

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