How To Celebrate Father’s Day This Year

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Jun. 16 2020, Published 3:44 a.m. ET

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If you normally treat Dad to a steak dinner at his favorite restaurant for Father’s Day, you’re likely facing a dilemma like so many others. Many lock-downs are still in place in much of the world due to coronavirus pandemic. Traditions and celebrations often involve social gatherings; but this year we just have to get a little creative with our methods

Here are some tips and ideas we’ve come across for this special day for dads and father figures in 2020.

In-Person Celebrations With Your Partner And Kids

The Perfect Brunch Or Breakfast In Bed

If your partner loves breakfast or brunch, you can still try this traditional option. Invite the kids (or other family members) to help with measuring ingredients, stirring mixes and setting the table/tray. If they’re old enough, they can do some of the cooking as a simple thanks to dad.

If you need some ideas for foods to prepare, check out some lists online.

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Family Game Day

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Whether it’s video games, card games, or board games, chances are your partner enjoys games of some kind. Most kids do, too. So, planning a game day this Father’s Day might be a great low-budget, fun way to celebrate that special man in your household.

Toss in his favorite finger foods and you’ve got a whole afternoon of low-key celebration. Have at least some non-messy ones during gameplay if children are participating.

Plan Your Own Father-Daughter Dance Party

With social distancing still in place, groups that usually throw events like father-daughter dances and parties aren’t able to do that this year. If you’ve got a little girl who wants to celebrate her dad, you could throw your own and invite some friends to join in via Zoom.

Curate an appropriate playlist, add some decorations and clear away the furniture for the dance floor. Don’t forget to hook up your computer to the TV or game system to stream the other participants on the big screen.

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In-Person Ideas For Your Dad

at-home wine tasting

For dads who love wine, a special treat this year would be an at-home wine-tasting event. Select your wine offerings and pair with a selection of cheeses, fruit, and other complementary choices for an afternoon of vino delight with dad.

This one could also be translated into a virtual celebration. Order the wine and have it shipped to your dad ahead of time, along with any instructions for care of the wine, if he’s not a connoisseur.

If food is one of your father’s favorite things, crafting a gourmet-style picnic for the backyard could be the perfect way to celebrate his person and his taste. Plan your menu ahead, find a cushy blanket or comfortable chairs, and find some lawn games to complete the day.

Your dad probably has some kind of hobby that he could use some supplies for. Whether that’s a love of great books, fishing, camping, playing an instrument, running, woodworking, or something else less traditional like ham radio. You can find small businesses through various websites including Etsy or do a Google search for “small business [hobby].”

If you don’t know what he needs or wants, don’t be afraid to ask before you shop.

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Virtual Ideas For Any Dad, Granddad Or Father Figure

If you’re feeling creative, write, paint, draw or otherwise create something unique for your dad this year. If you’re not a songwriter but play guitar or keys, learn his favorite song on your instrument. You can share via Zoom, Youtube or social media and invite your dad to enjoy while you celebrate together online.

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There are many museums and venues offering virtual tours right now. Most are free or have easily purchased tickets and can be found on their websites. You can share your screen with Dad on a video-chatting platform while you stroll through the Met, a haunted mansion, see Machu Picchu or wander through the Paris Catacombs.

If your dad is more into live entertainment, you can stream a concert, movie, or theatrical performance from the safety and convenience of your living room. You can find tickets for any of these on multiples sites, including:

For lists of theater performances, concerts, and more, check out:

You can also lookup your favorite local theaters, concert venues, and movie theaters to see what’s streaming.

Creative options this year could well make this the most memorable Father’s Day yet. Enjoy the experiment as you celebrate dads the world over.

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By: Rita Pike

Rita Juanita Pike is the granddaughter of Jerrie Mock, the first woman to pilot an airplane around the world. Rita has taken inspiration from her grandmother’s life and flight and pursued many of her own dreams in theater, podcasting, and novel writing. She now writes about travel, pets, faith, and the arts. She’s happily married to Matt, and faithfully serves a very fluffy kitten queen, Lady Stardust.

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