The Power Of Profitable Affirmations In Shifting Your Money Mindset

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Jun. 21 2023, Published 4:00 a.m. ET

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Many of us as adults now recognize that we were raised to believe in some way that money was scarce. It was difficult to make and we had to work really hard to get it because, after all, “money doesn’t grow on trees.” Since no one has cornered the market on growing money trees yet, acknowledging and understanding these limiting beliefs can help us to be more confident in our money moves.

There’s great power in positive thinking and there’s no reason not to apply this affirming energy to our finances as well. Affirmations are merely described as “declarations you can make to consciously shift your thoughts from something negative to something positive.” It’s quite common to recognize that we may need to reprogram our subconscious and remind ourselves that we are capable. We are successful. We aren’t selfish for wanting financial freedom. And we are worthy of the success and lifestyle we desire and work so hard for.

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Practicing profitable affirmations offers several benefits. They:

  • support the development of a positive relationship with money

  • help release the limiting beliefs that have been holding us financially hostage

  • encourage more conscious spending and investment decisions

  • help us embrace a more wealth-conscious attitude

  • help to overcome our fears and negative thoughts related to money and success

  • help us to stop transferring the generational fears and unhealthy beliefs that we inherited

There are a lot of things out here that can hold us back when it comes to our finances. Let’s not let ourselves be “the thing.”

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Overcoming these impressions starts with believing in yourself first. Even if it’s only the faith of a mustard seed, you must believe that although you haven’t done “it” YET, you can and you will. And making positive money messages a part of your daily habits is a great way to shift into a more profitable mindset. Repetition is the best way to create new habits, right? Try leaving sticky notes on the bathroom mirror, making a voice recording of yourself reading your affirmations then listening to it each morning while sipping coffee, or writing them down in a journal each day. Whatever works best for you – just be consistent.

In case you could use some examples to help get started, try using any (or all) of these 15 powerful money mindset-shifting affirmations in your new daily routine:

“I do not need to go into debt to keep up with my peers. I’m already worthy of pride.” –SageSpring Wealth Partners

“I am surrounded by financially successful people who support and inspire me.” –Mind Easy

“I embrace new avenues of income.” –Gratitude

“I choose to view my finances without fear and hesitation.” –SageSpring Wealth Partners

“I am worthy of financial success.” –Gratitude

“I can overcome any financial obstacle that gets in my way. It will not slow me down.”–Sage Spring

“I have the discipline to make hard financial choices now to enjoy an easier life later on.” Money For The Mamas

“I will be debt-free. I have the power to make it happen.” –Gratitude

“My future self will thank me for saving money today.” Money For The Mamas

“I can leverage my skills to bring in more money at any time.” —Money For The Mamas

“There are no limits to what I can and will achieve.” –Gratitude

“My money mindset is positive and focused on growth and wealth.” —Mind Easy

“I deserve financial freedom and the ability to live life on my terms.” Mind Easy.”

“Every day, I become more confident in my ability to create a prosperous.” —Mind Easy.

“Making choices to build wealth today can allow me to create the life I desire.” Money For The Mamas

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By: Carri Helman

Carri is a recovering long-term corporate employee turned freelance copywriter. Although she earned a degree in business and spent almost 20 years in automotive manufacturing and quality engineering, she knew the 9-to-5 corporate grind wasn’t her final destination and launched her copywriting business in 2021. Carri is also a multiple myeloma care partner and advocate, working closely with global organizations and pharmaceutical companies like the International Myeloma Foundation and Pfizer. She is also the content manager and editorial director for the nonprofit Health, Hope, 𝄞 Hip-Hop, which focuses on health equity in underserved communities.

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