How To Boost Creativity By Connecting With Your Inner Child

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May 5 2023, Published 8:00 a.m. ET

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Feeling stuck in your life can leave you feeling frustrated, too. The metaphoric inner child that we all have inside can be a source of limitless creativity that could serve you in adulthood — you just have to rediscover that part of yourself. If you remind yourself of what used to make you feel safe and help you have fun, you might be able to express yourself more easily. Here are a few easy ways to connect with your inner child and heal yourself from creative blocks.

1. Know That Only You Define Yourself

Sometimes, people can hold you to expectations you don’t think you can meet. Know that you’re not responsible for how they see you or what they put on you. All you can do is be the best person you can be — it’s okay if you can’t be as perfect as your family or friends expect you to be. Remind yourself of all you can do and have learned to keep yourself feeling confident. Focus on one small goal at a time and you’ll get there.

2. Treat Yourself

Now and then, you should offer yourself a small treat for a job well done. Life is too short to work all the time and avoid playing or doing something nice for yourself. Next time you feel down, think about how hard you’ve worked. It might be enough to get yourself something that will cheer you up and encourage you to keep going.

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3. Do Something You Enjoy

As a kid, you likely had more time to pursue the things you loved. Take time for yourself in adulthood to avoid getting burnt out and your productivity will improve. Hobbies can lower your stress levels and force you to relax while doing something you love, benefiting your physical and mental states. Caring for yourself this way helps your inner child feel safe enough to express herself in the present.

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4. Learn To Embrace Your Mistakes

Mistakes are a part of growing up. You likely learned the ins and outs of society by making mistakes when you were younger. It might have been how you learned to apologize or try again with someone or something. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes — they’re the best way to learn how something works. Embrace your mistakes and urge yourself to grow from them.

5. Learn To Play Again

As a child, you likely played with as many peers as you could, no matter their gender, personality or background. Embrace that mentality that you can get along with everyone, no matter your similarities or differences. You might benefit more from structured play as an adult, which prioritizes teaching you how to regulate your behavior and stick to rules. It might be a perfect time to pull out your old favorite board or card games.

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6. Bring Color Into Your Life

Neutral tones comprise some of the safest options in adulthood. You should learn to embrace color again, even if it doesn’t match many of your things.

Wear your favorite color more often, fill up coloring books with pages of bright colors, and add an accent wall to your home or paint a whole room. You may feel more inspired when you look at colors than you ever thought possible. Lean into what your inner child wants — she can direct you down the right path.

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7. Look For A Mentor

Growing up, you likely had a few mentors that led you to success. You’ll never stop learning, even in adulthood. If you’re feeling stuck in your life or career, it might be time to seek a new mentor. You can boost your confidence and understanding by following their guidance during a complex or uncertain time. You never have to stop learning from people who have gone through experiences before you.

Make Your Inner Child Happy

Your inner child dictates a lot in your life — if she hasn’t healed properly, she may be looking for a way out. Connecting with your inner child is essential to being your most creative self in adulthood. Creativity can benefit you in several ways, from job prospects to your social life. Caring for every aspect of yourself teaches you to live your fullest, best life possible.

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By: Mia Barnes

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