Saying Goodbye: How To Resign From A Job Without Burning Bridges

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Dec. 14 2023, Published 8:10 a.m. ET

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There comes a time when employees choose to leave their current jobs. In fact, Gallup’s 2023 “State of the Global Workplace Report” revealed that over half of the world’s workforce has expressed the desire to leave their current roles. That said, it’s normal to feel awkward about telling your boss and coworkers that you are leaving. However, it’s paramount to break the news properly. Here’s how to resign from a job without burning any bridges. 

Show Your Appreciation

Your employer may believe that you are excited to leave the company. If that feeling is false, make it known. Whether you pull your boss aside to give them a “thank you” letter (recommended by Indeed), or go the extra mile and present them with a goodbye present, showing appreciation could go a long way.

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Help With The Transition

When you leave a job, you are not the only person who has to navigate this new transition. Your employer has spent a lot of time and energy training you for this position. Therefore, it may be stressful for them to fill the void you are about to leave behind. You could offer to spend a few days training the other employees on your role. In addition, you could volunteer to interview candidates to lighten the load. Taking the initiative to help your employer transition will not go unnoticed. 

Seek Out Other Opportunities

If another company is offering you better pay or an impressive benefits package, it is understandable to put in your two-week notice for your current job. However, if you genuinely enjoyed working at the company, speak with your boss and see if other opportunities are available. Whether it’s a part-time position, a seasonal opportunity, or a consulting role, you don’t have to leave the employer for good. After all, you know the ins and outs of the business. Plus, your employer may be open to keeping you on the team while working for another company. 

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Don’t Be A Stranger

LinkedIn is a great way to connect with your former employees and colleagues. If they post about exciting news within the company or their personal lives, join in on the celebration and share a supporting comment. This can come in handy in several different ways. For starters, there’s always a chance that you may see the same employees you worked alongside at a future job. Therefore, it’s wise to stay in good standing with them. As for your old boss, keeping tabs on them and maintaining a great relationship could help you obtain a letter of recommendation in the long run.

Learning how to resign from a job without burning bridges is an easy task. Although some bosses can make a seamless exit feel impossible, taking the proper steps ensures that your professional reputation remains intact. Good luck!

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