How To Transition Your Workplace Mindset For A New Season



Apr. 23 2024, Published 8:00 a.m. ET

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As the seasons change, so can our mindsets in the workplace. Transitioning from one season to another presents an opportunity for working women to re-calibrate their approach to work, emphasize emotional and physical wellness and achieve a healthier work-life balance. 

Research has shown that people’s mindsets beliefs—which are beliefs about the fixedness or malleability of talent, ability, and intelligence—can powerfully influence their motivation, engagement, and performance. “Some effects of seasons on psychological phenomena are well known, of course—such as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), but, SAD is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg,” researchers Ian Hohm, Alexandra Wormley, and Michael E.W. Varnum write in a study. “Seasons also affect many other psychological phenomena, including decision-making in diverse behavioral domains.” 

As the season has changed into spring, here are actionable tips to facilitate a seamless workplace transition for success this quarter:

1. De-center your job from your identity.

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As a self-proclaimed perfectionist, I’ve faced the challenge of separating external validation from my self-identity. However, I’ve noticed a shift in my mindset thanks to therapy and understanding how someone’s worth as an individual goes beyond a job title or salary. In respectful self-reflection, people can recognize their intrinsic worth and potentially help boost self-esteem and resilience in the face of workplace challenges. 

Psychologist Janna Koretz speaks to this via Harvard Business Review, writing, “While identifying closely with your career isn’t necessarily bad, it makes you vulnerable to a painful identity crisis if you burn out, get laid off, or retire. Individuals in these situations frequently suffer anxiety, depression, and despair.” 

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2. Designate specific times for work-related tasks and stick to them.

Deloitte reported that “burnout” was women’s top reason for actively considering leaving their employer, in a 2022 study, with nearly four in 10 respondents indicating they were looking to leave. Further, in 2023, women faced the issue of a “lack of flexibility around working hours,” citing that as the top reason women want to leave their job, according to Deloitte.

An International Journal of Innovation and Economic Development study by Hana Silaban and Meily Margaretha links work-life balance to job satisfaction. “A work-life balance makes employees feel job satisfaction because they can work well while in the office; therefore they do not need to be burdened with problems outside of work,” their research has found.

3. Decorate your designated work space for spring.

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Refresh your workspace with elements that evoke the rejuvenating spirit of spring. Incorporating plants, natural light, or vibrant colors can uplift mood and productivity, signaling a transition in mindset. According to writer and filmmaker Ben Mauk, research suggests that “workers in an enriched office —one decorated with posters, prints, office plants, and the like— are more satisfied and productive than those who work in stripped-down, lean offices that are designed to minimize disruptions.”

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While I used to include a cozy candle in my workspace during the fall season, now my desk holds just my laptop, my Hydro Flask water bottle, and, thanks to the upcoming Spring bloom in Vermont, a small tulip also finds its place nearby. By adopting this minimalistic setup, my work area feels more organized and conducive to productivity. 

4. Have an open mindset for new challenges. 

“Traits associated with openness to experience include being imaginative and creative, inventive, open to unusual ideas, adventure, and nonconformity,” an Encyclopedia of Applied Psychology report affirms, “Those scoring high in this dimension are more willing to tolerate more ambiguity (or less certainty). As a result, they are often the first to entertain new concepts and beliefs.” 

The Stanford Report indicates that “with a growth mindset, you know that you can change over time, and therefore you are more open to reflect, learn and grow from challenges.”

By implementing these strategies, working women can navigate seasonal transitions with resilience, fostering a balanced and fulfilling work-life dynamic.

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By: Luisana Rodríguez

As a psychology major and bilingual content writer, Luisana finds joy by researching about lifestyle and wellness topics as well as mental health related content. If she's not writing, she's probably planning brunch dates, cooking up some TikTok recipes, or looking for a new online course to take.

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