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A Lesson On Learning To Lean Into Sisterhood For The Busy Woman


Apr. 15 2021, Published 4:15 a.m. ET

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It seems as though society constantly tries to pit women against each other as if we’re always in a competition willing to prove who’s the best worker, the prettiest, the smartest, etc. The most impressive thing is that somehow we –all united- are starting to reject these notions and foster support and encouragement amongst each other.

Here are 3 things that women supporting women offer:

1. Workplace Allies

There’s no room for unhealthy competition between women in the workplace. In contrast,  comradery, respect, and support are able to conquer challenges in the workplace area.

Women Helping Women? Evidence from Private Sector Data on Workplace Hierarchies” by Amalia Miller and Astrid Kunze, concludes that promoting one woman could have spillover benefits for many others.

According to an article posted on UVAToday, envy isn’t present here because another woman’s accomplishments are being celebrated as if they’re one’s own. “We have been taught to be competitive with one another, (…) It’s so clear that (this) strategy doesn’t work,” as stated by Shelley Zalis, senior contributor writer for Forbes.

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We sometimes hear that the worst enemy of a woman is another woman, creating a hostile perception to bring negativity into female environments and relationships during years.

Not anymore.

2. Emotional Companionship

In “The Power Of Women Supporting Each Other” Kim Drew Wright says that your tears will form waves, you will swim these waves with your new sisters, poetically highlighting how sisterhood stands right there when you need support the most. This is a healthy companionship that we need to keep promoting to our girl-friends, mothers, grandmothers, and daughters. This is how strong sisterhood continues to grow.

I believe this concept is stepping up as we slowly rebuild old misogynistic thought patterns and transform them into new learnings, leaving behind the rivalry between each other and highlighting how girls succeed.

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women supporting women friendship affection relationships
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3. Sense Of Community 

A support system creates space where we can feel the most comfortable, safe, and healed. Sisterhood is a wide concept that evokes affinity and closeness between a respectful circle of women connecting and ready to be present with each other. A single woman alone has power, but collectively we have an impact, concludes Zalis.

sisterhood women supporting women friendship affection relationships

Just like the question posed by Sacha Strebe in “An Author Explains Why Women Supporting Women Is the Way Forward” for Byrdie: Is there anything more powerful than an outstretched hand of another woman in your direction? No. Thanks to this, you’re not alone, from friends to colleagues, women advocate for each other! We simply have each other’s back. The power of women supporting other women is fullfilling and thankfuly happening now.

By: Luisana Rodríguez

Luisana Rodríguez is a venezuelan Psychology student who has previous experience in writing articles for magazines from Spain, Mexico and Venezuela and currently writes for Coven Magazine from the U.S. Curious by nature, she's a feminist interested in culture, mental health and digital marketing.

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