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How To Revamp Your Home's Vibes With Color


Feb. 13 2023, Published 8:05 a.m. ET

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Transforming a space doesn’t have to break the bank, nor does it need to eat into your free time. You can give a room a total refresh through a number of methods that only require one thing on the shopping list… a tin of paint!

The right color can create dimension, depth, or drama in any room. We teamed up with Paula Taylor, Head Stylist at Graham & Brown and in this article she shares her top tips on how to change up your interiors using only paint.

1. Bring old furniture back to life.

Paula says: “Furniture can really make or break a room. If your furniture is looking tired and worn, upcycling it with a lick of paint can give the impression of an entirely new piece. To ensure that your furniture compliments your space, try introducing the color palette that you’ve chosen in your wallpaper or paint to your furniture too, creating harmony between all elements of the room.

We predict that sustainability will become even more prevalent in design choices in 2023, as society becomes filled with more conscious consumers. The Flawsome Design trend, tipped to be popular this year, encourages the idea that all materials and objects can be repurposed, as we look to see the beauty in items that would often be discarded.

Wooden furniture that has visible scuffs and marks can detract from the overall space. You can use paint to modernize and bring tired furniture back to life, rather than send it straight to the skip!”

2. Make the most out of small spaces by creating painted divisions.

With so little room for maneuver, it can be difficult to know how to work with smaller spaces and with so many of us now working from home, it’s important that our everyday spaces are multifunctional.

Paula says, “Using contrasting paint colors to create division in a room is an effective way to manage smaller spaces. For example, it’s common for one room to be used for dining and relaxing. If you were to split the wall up with contrasting paint colors, such as a deep blue and vibrant yellow, it will create the illusion of separate spaces, without the need to use furniture or physical divisions.”

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3. Use paint to create dimension.

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If you’re looking to make a space feel brand new, there are a few tips and tricks that work by deceiving the eye.

“Using paint to carve shapes on your walls is one of the easiest ways to effectively create depth and dimension. For example, painting vertical or horizontal stripes using a deeper paint color, such a navy blue, on a neutral backdrop can elongate walls giving the illusion of higher ceilings, adding grandeur to a previously one dimensional room,explains Paula.

4. Play around with creating geometric shapes.

Paula says, “Creating a geometric feature wall is lots of fun and allows you to experiment with shape, color and design in a way that perfectly complements your interior aesthetic.”

“They make for great, eye-catching statements, and all you really need is some paint and some tape. Measure your shapes and mark the placement on your walls. Use masking tape to define the outlines and then get painting with your chosen color. Remember, wait for the paint to dry completely before peeling away the tape for crisp, clean edges.”

5. Go bold with color.

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Bold colors can be scary and you may be reluctant to commit to using them in your home. But, daring color palettes have seen a surge in popularity, and they can really transform a room if used correctly.

Paula says: Color drenching is a simple technique which involves using bold wall colors on all surfaces of a room, including the doors, ceilings, and sometimes on accessories too. Not only can bold paint colors really modernize a room and lift the ambience but they can also enhance the size of small spaces.

“We suggest choosing bold, warm shades such as Alizarin – a deep and moody yet refreshingly warm auburn red shade, to create an inviting space. If choosing one color feels too scary, choose a group of coordinating colors with subtle contrast and utilize them across the room.”

This article was written by Eve Crabtree and originally published on Your Coffee Break.


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