The Complete Guide To Career Assessments And How They Can Help Your Career

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Jul. 6 2022, Published 4:39 p.m. ET

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What do you want to be when you grow up? This question is commonly thrown around a lot by children and teens. It’s honestly still asked in adulthood as well. There is this idea that you must pick out something when you’re young, and stick to that job until retirement. But every adult knows that it simply doesn’t work that way. There are a lot of twists and turns to get to the career you want. Some students change their studies until they find something they’re comfortable with. Other adults may switch careers right in the middle of their career development. While a job doesn’t define who a person is, there is great importance that this job, this career, is going to be able to provide something comforting. This included fulfillment as well.

So, how can it be done? Well, a career assessment can be one of the best ways to achieve this. These can be taken at the phase of anyone‘s life. It’s one of the best ways to get yourself to understand your soft skills, hard skills, teamwork-related skills, and beyond. Plus, these are wonderful for pointing you in the direction that will not only maybe you feel happy but will allow you to fully utilize your potential!

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Career Assessment?

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The career assessment is a tool that helps you discover your strengths and interests to help you in the process of making a career decision. The benefits of getting a career assessment are many. You can find out what careers would suit you best and what skills you need to learn in order to succeed in them. You can also find out if your personality matches with the job requirements and what type of environment would be best for you. These can be taken throughout any time in your career. As you age and grow experience, your priorities change, your interest changes, and even your personality is going to have some changes.

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Why Career Assessments are Relevant and Useful For Your Success

There are a number of different types of career assessments but they all have the same goal: helping people find a job that matches their interests and skills. They’re not only to tell you what field or industry you should be in. But these can also help point you in the direction of what roles would be suiting you best.

What is the Difference Between a Career Assessment and a Career Consultation?

When it comes to those who fear that they may be facing burnout or want to find a way to channel their energy to improve productivity, they may turn to consultations or assessments to help them out. But what exactly are the differences between the two? A career assessment is a way to gain an understanding of your skills and abilities in order to find the right career path. It can help you understand what careers you may be interested in, what skills you have, and what jobs would be a good fit for your skill set. Career consultation is when someone who has experience in the world of work talks with you about your current or future career. They will assess your skills and abilities, and give you advice on how to pursue a new job or advance in your current one.

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Career assessments are often done by professionals such as psychologists, counselors, or educators. Career consultations are usually done by people who have experience working in that field themselves (even business coaches). While there are some similarities, there are also plenty of differences too.

How to Use A Career Assessment Tool To Determine Your Next Steps in Your Life & Work

These tools are available online and can give you a personalized report with the help of a questionnaire. While these are available online, you want to make sure you’re getting the best possible results. So, why not check our your employer to see what assessments they offer. Other options can include your university (if you’re a student), and sometimes libraries will assist in this too.

But, a good example of a personality test which can help with the career assessment (not the same thing) would be the Myers-Briggs Personality Test or even the Type Indicator (MBTI), which is one of the most popular tools. It helps people understand their personality type and how they best interact with others, as well as how they might best use their skills in the workplace.

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Can Career Assessments Help You Find Your Perfect Job?

Since there are so many different types of career assessments, not all of them are going to be created to help guide you to the job that’s perfect for you. Some of them only exist to help you get a grasp what your skills are, others are made to help you figure out what work your personality type would fit into. It can be a tad difficult to determine all of this, but if you find the right assessment, it will be help you figure out what will work best. Whether this is a job, industry, or even a specific role within an organization.

Can You Do a Self-Assessment?

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You technically can, but when it comes to gathering results, it may be more confusing. But, if you’re wanting to give yourself an assessment before taking an official career assessment, then this can be possible. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

-Figure out the specific type of assessment you’re wanting to do

-Make a list of strengths and weaknesses that relate to your career goals

-Identify the areas that you know you need development or training in

-Think about what you want out of your career

-Tie all of these into your future goals

Overall, while giving yourself a self-assessment can be a great way to be upfront and honest with yourself, it still may be ideal to allow this to only pair up with a more official career assessment.

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