#HerAgendaLive The Great Reshuffle: Finding Career Success In Today’s Landscape With Watchen Nyanue


Aug. 16 2022, Published 9:00 a.m. ET

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With over 4 million Americans quitting their jobs in early 2022, one could assume that most were seeking a transition in their career amid the global pandemic and civil unrest. This phenomenon coined the term “the Great Reshuffle,” which has accounted for emerging novel small businesses, entrepreneurial establishments, and corporate and career independence for flexibility and better work opportunities.

To understand and navigate the career shifts over this period, Her Agenda hosted the visionary and founder of I Choose the Ladder, Watchen Nyanue. Nyanue has previously been part of the Chicago Sky WNBA, Little Doebahyou, U4G Group LLC/Unite4Good, Johnson Publishing Company, Yahoo, Hearst Digital Media, Comedy Central, and AIA Studios, contributing to strategic marketing and career development. She has been effortlessly working to promote the cultural importance of diversity in corporate spaces to help bridge the gap between black women climbing the corporate ladder and corporations.

Here are some tips identified by Nyanue to assess new career pathways in the Great Reshuffle:

Assessing your interests: A common catalyst of the Great Reshuffle was individuals recognizing they could create a healthier and better work environment for themselves by actually setting a path on their interests. To make this transition successful, one needs to assess what they are passionate about, what skill sets they have to offer to create an outcome out of this passion, and identify the approach to execute it. One also needs to have a clear vision of why this shift is needed for their professional development and what was initially lacking in their previous role.

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Networking is key: The best way to create any opportunities is by tapping into your own networks. If you haven’t already, Networking 101 is connecting with individuals that have similar interests, career paths, or positions that you aspire to have. Various platforms are available, one such being LinkedIn, where you can tap into a web of connections based on your interests. Tap into the array of companies that have similar values and work culture you are seeking, and reach out to their recruiters. Although not the most efficient way, the Great Reshuffle is a product of hired professionals acquiring most positions through networking. So don’t hold back, send that email/message to that one professional you aspire to learn from.

How to excel in a job interview: Job interviews can be intimidating. While it is probably your second or third interview of the day or the week, the hiring manager does interviews way more frequently. So how does one stand out? Understand that you are your best advocate. Vouch for yourself. Leverage all the skillsets you have acquired. Identify your strengths and achievements. Find out your “career story,” and establish what value you bring to the company. The job recruiting process is a coherent path, be respectful, affirmative, and inquisitive. Ask well-rounded questions that are designed for you to make an informed decision about why this position is different from your previous one.

Negotiating your salary: Salary expectations can be a pivotal factor in securing a role. Before approaching HR, assess a plan and reasoning to clarify the change. Do your research from various platforms (eg. glassdoor, indeed, etc), and calibrate what other companies offer. Further, identify your responsibilities at the workplace and in correspondence identify if you are being compensated for the duties. Think through what the market dictates, and how you stack up from your peers, and individuals in higher positions than you. Collect receipts and credibility of reasonings to warrant the salary increase.

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By: Dakchyata Thapa

My name is Dakchyata Thapa, and I am currently based in Philadelphia. I am the Community Engagement Intern at Her Agenda. I am passionate about writing, baking, and serving the community. In the future, I want to focus on providing equitable healthcare to underserved communities.

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