Think Before You Act: 6 Things To Consider Before Accepting A Promotion

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Dec. 8 2023, Published 8:00 a.m. ET

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After waiting with bated breath, your boss contacts you and offers you a promotion. First and foremost, congratulations! However, before you rush to say yes and sign the paperwork, pause. There are questions you need to ask yourself before making this new commitment. Here are some things to consider before accepting a promotion to help you make the right decision.

Can I handle it?

A promotion entails taking on a heavier workload than your current role. Does your daily workload leave you exhausted? Are you ready for a new position with more responsibilities? Make sure you can stand up to the challenge before jumping into a new role that you may not be able to handle.

Is it worth it?

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Some promotions are minor, such as a step-up from assistant manager to manager. The assistant manager is presumed to have worked alongside upper management and has gained an understanding of handling the higher-ranking role. However, if the promotion is from assistant manager to general manager, that could be more of a challenge. Is it worth going through a new learning curve just for a title change?

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Do I want this?

It’s normal for employees to have a passion that contrasts with their current field. For example, you may be working in the culinary industry, but you may have dreams of pursuing marketing instead. That said, you should ask yourself if getting in deep with your current employer will serve you well. Is it going to keep you from pursuing your dream career? Once you get clarity, you can ask further questions to weigh your options. 

Is there a raise involved?

According to Monster Jobs, not every promotion comes with a boost in income. In fact, career expert Vicki Salemi shared that some companies are opting for “year-end increases.” With that in mind, ask your employer if there is a financial benefit to taking on the new position. Money isn’t everything. However, if a raise is an important factor for you, you need to get an official figure before making your decision.

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What is the deadline to accept?

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If your employer has given you a promotion offer, you need to ask how long it will be on the table before they move on to another candidate. This will provide a timeline on how fast you need to finalize your decision.

What are the benefits?

There’s no shame in asking about additional benefits in a promotion compensation package. Does it entail better health insurance? Can you look forward to additional PTO? Do you receive a 401K with an employer match? Analyze the complete offer to make an informed decision on your future.

Remember, you don’t have to say yes to a promotion just because it’s available. There is nothing wrong with waiting for an opportunity that aligns with your wants and needs. In fact, INC. reported that nearly 70% of certain employees rejected their promotion offers. Take the time to answer all of the questions above. If most of your responses lean toward a no rather than a yes, then you have your answer.

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