Bounce Back: What To Do If Your Job Offer Is Rescinded

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Feb. 15 2024, Published 8:10 a.m. ET

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After going through a strenuous application process, a company contacts you and invites you to undergo their interview process. After narrowing down the potential hires, you receive a job offer. However, before you can accept or deny, the opportunity is rescinded.

Now, it’s normal to feel angry or confused. However, it’s crucial to recognize that losing a job opportunity isn’t uncommon. In 2022, The Wall Street Journal reported that the number of rescinded job offers is on the rise. The decision is often the result of the candidate or the employer’s actions. Keep reading to learn why employment opportunities are revoked and what to do if your job offer is rescinded. 

Why Are Job Offers Rescinded?

It’s important to understand that there are various reasons why job offers are rescinded. Some key reasons include:

A company setback: The company you were looking forward to joining may have hit a rough patch — from company stock plummeting to a business deal falling through. This financial setback may lead to your job offer being rescinded and internal layoffs within the business.

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False information: People tend to exaggerate the truth with their resumes to boost their chances in the job application process. While stretching the truth may seem like a great idea, this move could backfire on a prospective employee in the long run. The recruiter’s job is to double-check your information. That said, if your application materials are false, consider your job offer as good as gone.

An unexpected return: Often, when a position opens up at a company, it is due to an employee leaving the job. However, if the employee changes their mind and decides to stick with the company, you can end up with a rescinded job offer. After all, many employers prefer to keep veteran employees instead of training new hires.

What To Do If Your Job Offer Is Rescinded

Learning that your job offer has been rescinded can feel like a crushing blow. However, there are some steps you can take to get through it. Here are three tips on what to do if your job offer is rescinded:

Inquire about other opportunities: If the company gave you the job offer in the first place, then they believed that you would be a great asset to their business. That said, reach out to the hiring team and ask if there are any other open positions within the company that you would be a good fit for.

Lean on your network: Your next opportunity can be a connection away. If your job offer is rescinded, communicate with your LinkedIn network and close industry friends to see if there may be companies currently hiring.

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Keep applying for jobs: According to Forbes, it takes an average of five months for someone looking for a job to receive a job offer. It’s normal to feel discouraged about your job offer being rescinded. That said, it’s crucial to keep searching.

Navigating the job market can be challenging. However, if you follow these steps and take action, you can start a new job in no time. Good luck.

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