Your 6-Step Guide To Planning A Memorable Product Launch


Jan. 7 2021, Published 3:30 a.m. ET

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When you are launching a new product, you need to try and create as much buzz around it as possible. If you don’t, you could find that all of your efforts are wasted when you don’t hit the sales targets that you had set for yourself. As an existing business, you’ll already have a customer base that you can use to promote the product to. Of course, it isn’t always as easy as that.

In this guide, we are going to give you some tips to help you pull off the ultimate product launch. Read on for some of our tips and tricks.

1. Plan, Plan, Plan

If you want your product launch to be a success, you need to have a plan in place. This plan should cover everything from your budget for the launch to the timeline that you are going to follow. A product launch needs to have a solid plan and if you only have a short period of time to promote it, you won’t see as much success as a launch with a longer lead time.

Everyone involved in the launch should be aware of the plan so that they can do what they can to help. If you don’t communicate effectively, you could find that you miss something important along the way. Don’t begin until you have that plan in place.

2. Let Existing Customers Know

For businesses that already have a solid customer base, the launch can be slightly easier. Your existing customers can be the first to hear about your new product and this will be exciting for them. It is much less expensive to market to existing customers, rather than new ones so this is something to consider.

To fill your customers in, you could send out a bulk email that tells them about the launch. If you want to build the excitement, you can let them know that they are part of an exclusive list of people who know about it. By giving them a sneak peek, they will be more likely to tell their loved ones about it.

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3. Create Excitement On Social Media

Social media is a very useful tool when it comes to pulling off a great product launch so you need to think about how you can use your channels. There are so many tools no on sites like Facebook and Instagram that allow you to reach your audience and engage with them. You should start your social media marketing early to really start building that excitement.

Before the launch, it can be effective if you reveal some teasers of the product. Show them what they can expect but keep them guessing. This will encourage social media users to come back and check on what you are planning on launching. Ask questions, answer them and engage as much as possible in the lead up.

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4. Do Something Different

This next tip is a bit easier said than done but if you can pull off something that your customers have never seen before, they will be more likely to take note of your launch. This could include unusual packaging, a crazy launch event or whatever suits your product. The more interesting the promotion is, the more it will catch people’s attention.

On top of that, an unusual campaign also has the potential to go viral. So, use your collective brains and try to pull off something that no-one has seen before.

5. Host a Launch Party

The launch party is a very important part of the project so you need to make sure that it has been planned out properly. This party should include those who have worked on the product, the local press and some influencers within your industry. Influencer marketing is very effective in 2020 and if you aren’t considering using it then you could be missing out.

Try to host your launch party virtually as well as this will give people more access to the event. You could even invite some of your existing customers or host a competition to win tickets to the event. The bigger the better so make sure to make this party count!

6. Use These Tips Next Year

If you have a new product launch coming up in the next year, you need to start planning now. Don’t let all of your efforts in creating a new exciting product go to waste. Plan everything from your email marketing campaigns to your launch party.

If you put in the effort, it will all be worth it in the end. Sure, the launch might cost you a lot of money but it will bring in a higher return if you manage to pull it off. Good luck with the product launch next year.

This was written by Sophia Anderson and originated on Your Coffee Break.

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