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May 8 2024, Published 8:00 a.m. ET

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Figuring out how to spend your professional life feels more challenging when you care about multiple things. Instead of spending years on a single track to become a doctor or lawyer, you might want more flexibility in your career.

Combine all your interests by considering these top careers for multi-passionate professionals. You’ll get to skip the cubicle experience and get straight to work that feels exciting and fulfilling.

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1. Roboticist

If you’re always thinking about how machinery works and how to improve it, you could have a multi-passionate career as a roboticist. Roboticists work in every industry as robotics engineers. You might combine a love for financial advising, technological development or medical advancements by designing prototypes and testing frameworks for robots that push those industries forward.

Get a degree in computer science to start the next phase of your career in an industry that merges your passions with your professional skills. You could even get an electrical or mechanical engineering degree to specialize your skill set for more specific roles.

Average annual salary: $70,000 to $144,000

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2. Restaurant Marketing Specialist

Restaurant owners need continual brand exposure and growth. If you love promotion and the culinary world, combine your interests by becoming a restaurant marketing specialist. You could launch your own brand and work with family-owned diners or venues with three Michelin stars.

In addition to social media outreach, marketing specialists use unique strategies for restaurant clients, such as game-inspired loyalty programs. You could send daily emails or texts to program participants advertising their favorite foods based on their purchase history. Mentioning limited-time specials or discounts for things they’ve bought builds a personal connection between consumers and each restaurant’s brand. 

This job is ideal for those with a marketing or advertising degree. Consider which cuisines you like most to find the best restaurants for your marketing skills and personal passions.

Average annual salary: $64,000 to $113,000

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3. Event Planner

The best event planners time-block their calendars to optimize their time, remain determined in the face of challenges and desire to help people above everything else. You could design and run weddings, birthday parties, corporate events and more with an event management degree and a growing portfolio. Every client wants something different, allowing you to channel your creativity daily.

Loren Cobbs followed this path by combining her passion for connecting professionals and her event planning talents. She launched SD Melanin to bring people together for events of all kinds — black-tie galas, bar crawls, rooftop parties and more. Cobb’s inspirational work creates networks for experts in all industries, boosting everyone’s success through her multi-passionate career.

Average annual salary: $46,310 to $76,050

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4. Virtual Reality Architect

Anyone who loves virtual reality (VR) or the science behind designing video games could merge their passions into a career as a VR architect. These professionals love designing, programming and building unique metaverse spaces. Get a computer programming or game development degree to create virtual spaces for various purposes.

You could create the next VR platform for social simulation games or conferencing platforms for global industries. Small businesses, classrooms and nonprofits could also use your VR spaces, depending on how you want your work to help others.

Average annual salary: $72,505 to $93,656

5. Victim Advocate Psychologist

People become victim advocates when they care deeply about assisting others or giving a voice to those in need. You could combine your interest in psychology with your desire to help by connecting with victims who need advocates in professional spaces.

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Earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology to launch this career. Stay present during conversations to study how to build connections with others through active listening and empathize with people going through things you might not have personally experienced. You’ll counsel those in need, provide emotional support and guide individuals when they need a helping hand in courthouses or hospitals.

Average annual salary: $64,499 to $78,368

Find The Best Career For Your Interests

Multi-passionate people have numerous career paths to choose from. Consider your multiple interests before deciding on one. You’ll find a professional future that engages all your interests and provides your desired flexibility.

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By: Mia Barnes

Mia Barnes is a health journalist with over 3+ years of experience specializing in workplace wellness. Mia believes knowledge is power. As the Editor-in-Chief of Body+Mind Magazine, Mia's goal is to cover relevant topics to empower women through information.

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