5 Easy Ways To Become More Tech-Savvy

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Apr. 2 2024, Published 8:00 a.m. ET

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Scrolling TikTok and speeding through a wordy blog to get to a recipe is straightforward. Learning to type and navigate Microsoft Office and Google Cloud probably rose from college or workplace necessity. However, expanding tech skills beyond what’s easy requires intrinsic motivation in the workplace, but it’s worth it when finding information takes a split-second and you nab jobs with advanced tech proficiency.

The Increased Importance Of Tech-Savvy

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Source: Pexels

Learning tech skills is a strong quality held by productive and adaptable women, demonstrating their ability to embrace change and new generations of tools and process improvements. It will also help you do your job even more productively and effectively than before. Fine-tuning Excel skills with new add-ins and functionality may impress board members, and showcase how well you’ve trimmed the budget.

As companies integrate AI and automation, 58 million jobs will open that comprise more complex tech know-how. Management expects staff to outperform and putting these skills on a resume makes you more competitive.

You may have a billion creative, innovative ideas buzzing around in your head, but oftentimes tech is required for applying your imaginative ideas. Here are five ways to become more tech-savvy.

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1. Watch tutorials.

The internet is a wealth of data points waiting for professional women to apply them to their roles. Pull up your favorite video platform, because it’s time to return to school — it’ll be cheaper than university. Figuring out quality online learning strategies is the foundation. Then, understand your working knowledge of tech. Ask yourself guiding questions, such as:

  • Is there a particular skill I want to learn or understand more?
  • Are there tasks in my work I struggle with that require technical skills?
  • What proficiencies does my dream job require?

Then, you can list videos to explore, whether coding, building a website with a store, editing video or document processing is your interest. YouTube is an excellent place to start, while other paid platforms like Skillshare, LinkedIn and Udemy offer comprehensive, bundled courses.

Schedule time blocks in your calendar for watching videos and taking notes on topics you’re curious about. Even if they aren’t deep dives, exploring surface-level definitions is a necessary springboard.

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2. Join a collaborative project.

Forward-thinking corporations are embracing new technologies, finding ways to apply them to their sector or expand into new verticals. Find out how to utilize your expertise in a related collaborative project to get hands-on experience in the developmental stages.

For example, the IT team wants to incorporate a new AI but wants to design appropriate defenses to protect data, content and projects. Offer your expertise in social media by suggesting to use it to trial content ideation for social calendars. They achieve their goals while giving you leeway to experiment with novel tech.

3. Align workplace improvements with a tech-driven goal.

The easiest way to become tech-savvy is by identifying a way to enhance your workflow and seeing what tool could pave that path. It makes learning the subject more urgent and relevant because you’ll be able to see results in your work performance.

Do you prefer to avoid writing long emails? You can automate communications with AI tools to prevent burnout. Does manually backing up business-critical digital files every week cause headaches? Take a course on rudimentary code to craft the perfect automating script. These goalposts are motivating and tangible, making it simpler to increase digital literacy.

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4. Pursue continuing education.

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Countless books, magazines, podcasts, YouTube channels, newsletters and docuseries are devoted to teaching people about tech. Take 10 minutes to research well-regarded titles in your niche, whether it’s app development or how to manipulate certain file types. This way, you’ll become inundated with new, exciting information that will expand your tech-savvy ideas. Consider online resources like Girls in Tech, Tech Me Out, Stereotype Breakers, Women Tech Charge or the National Center for Women and Information Tech.

Also, read blogs, follow social media accounts and subscribe to newsletters from leading women in the tech niches you want to become an expert. This introduces you to new terms and developments. You may not understand them yet, but as long as you keep Google open, you can have anything explained to you in beginner terms. In the tech world, sticking with content created in the last several years is essential because the landscape evolves daily. This will ensure you stay relevant in your field as you advance.

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5. Find a mentor.

It’s true — empowered women empower women. Find the most inspiring techie you know and ask them for a few pointers. It’s a prime opportunity to deepen your expertise and bonds between colleagues.

Having a dependable mentor is reassuring for the future because there will always be something to learn in the tech world. They will be a testament to your literacy and development, likely admiring you for your initiative to challenge yourself with technical topics.

Becoming Tech-Savvy Today

Tech know-how is an expansive umbrella, requiring a lifetime to master every skill. However, with curiosity and discipline, you can become more knowledgeable each day in a few new subject areas in your professional niche. You don’t need to write an elaborate dissertation or spend thousands of dollars — committing to learning is enough to springboard you into the tech-savvy ranks.

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By: Mia Barnes

Mia Barnes is a health journalist with over 3+ years of experience specializing in workplace wellness. Mia believes knowledge is power. As the Editor-in-Chief of Body+Mind Magazine, Mia's goal is to cover relevant topics to empower women through information.

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