6 Ways To Have A Fun Solo Christmas

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Nov. 30 2023, Published 8:00 a.m. ET

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With the holidays weeks away, it’s high time to plan what you’ll do for Christmas. It’s exciting to spend those days with the people you know and love, but it’s a nice change of pace to go solo for a bit. Here’s why spending the holiday with yourself can be so gratifying, as well as six ways to make it fun.

Why You Might Need A Solo Christmas

Life gets hectic. Perhaps work is a little too overwhelming right now and you’d rather spend the day in. Particular family members might make the holiday more stressful than enjoyable. Additionally, crossing the country if you live far away from your loved ones may be financially out of the picture. Rather than let these factors make you anxious, you can make life much easier by using Christmas to unwind or give back locally.

That being said, you don’t have to wait for a situation that forces you to isolate. Choosing alone time allows you to enjoy your days off on your terms rather than getting sucked into the holiday madness. You can make it as quiet or as impactful as you want.

How To Have A Fun Solo Christmas

Going stag this holiday season may be best for your mind and body this year. What counts as enjoyable varies from person to person, but here are few suggestions that might be your cup of tea.

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1. Have an indoor date.

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In the season of giving love, learn how to have fun on your own to develop your self-appreciation. Treat yourself, whether it’s with a bottle of wine and bath bubbles, or a movie marathon involving every Marvel film.

2. Set up a virtual party.

If you want to stay indoors alone but desire some companionship, an online party might be the way to go. Plus, you get to pick the people you’ll invite to the call. Consider setting up a few party games, or simply let everyone catch up, enjoy some of their snacks and wish each other a happy holiday.

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3. Attend a community event.

Just because you’re riding solo doesn’t mean you have to be alone. If you have the urge to go outdoors for some company, consider joining or arranging a local event, such as a Christmas parade, tree lighting or holiday fair. Most of the time, community events are put on to raise money for a local charity or organization. These fundraisers encompass the spirit of Christmas and you can donate the money to a cause you feel strongly about.

4. Go on a spontaneous trip.

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If you have a destination you’ve always wanted to go to and have the means to travel, use your days off to go on the trip by yourself. Being spontaneous and going to a new environment could be the change of pace you need. However, remember to plan before the adventure begins to avoid any hiccups and stay safe.

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5. Pick up a new skill.

When talking about your Christmas, it’s exciting to say you learned how to bake banana bread or build your own cabinet. If your definition of fun is discovering something new, spend these days picking up a skill. You might impress yourself in the process.

6. Journal about the past year.

There’s no better time for self-reflection than Christmastime — after all, the new year is a week away. Get your notebook and pen, and write your heart out about what’s on your mind during the holiday season. If you have some space left, you can also write about plans for the upcoming year.

Have A Merry Solo Christmas

Don’t let other people make you think alone time means being lonely. Dedicating a holiday to treating yourself or connecting with the community is a beautiful way to spend a typically stress-filled time. It also provides excellent practice in planning but learning to go with the flow. Enjoy these suggestions however you wish and have a merry Christmas!

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By: Mia Barnes

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