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Jalen Sharp is a writer, associate researcher, and lecturer at San Francisco State University.  She holds an undergraduate degree in biology and a Master of Science in global health. Jalen is continuing her education and is currently attaining a Master of Art in education with a specialty in equity and social justice.  Her career goals include continued writing, professorship, and further involvement in health-centered entrepreneurial ventures. Jalen is a versatile writer with a plethora of different interests. Having written several pieces for the publication Her Coffee Break, Jalen continues writing for business-savvy and goal-oriented women of the day.  Jalen currently resides in Oakland, California.

More From Jalen Sharp

  • College Graduate Mindset for The Job Market
    The Main Agenda

    Are You Prepared To Graduate With The Right Mindset?

    As graduation season approaches, college students are about to begin their new lives. A substantial part of that new life is the hunt for an occupation.
    By Jalen Sharp
  • Black Maternal Health Week
    The Main Agenda

    The Importance Of Black Maternal Health Week

    Founded by Black Mamas Matter Alliance, BMHW is a week dedicated to furthering the national dialogue surrounding Black maternal health
    By Jalen Sharp
  • World Health Day 2019
    The Main Agenda

    Observing World Health Day 2019

    Every year, World Health Day represents a new area of focus. For the year 2019, the theme is universal healthcare coverage. The World Health Organization's number one goal is universal health care coverage.
    By Jalen Sharp
  • how to be civically conscious millennial woman
    The Main Agenda

    Breaking Down The Responsibilities Of The Civic-Conscious Millennial Woman

    Millennial woman have been privy to some of America’s most unprecedented political actions to date within that 23-year lifespan. The mosaic that is American government and politics has shifted before her very eyes. As a result, charting the new civic territory lies in the journey and actions of the millennial woman.
    By Jalen Sharp
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