Time To Go: Tips For Leaving A Job After Only Six Months

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Dec. 7 2023, Published 8:10 a.m. ET

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You find yourself contemplating leaving your job after only six months at the company. The first thing to do is try not to feel crazy; It was reported that a third of new employees in the U.S. quit their jobs after six months. That being said, there is a lot of pressure riding on this decision and several things to consider.

The main obstacle that people planning to leave their jobs are faced with is whether this decision will affect their future. To put it plainly, it depends on your career. For example, let’s say you are a fast-food company manager, and after six months of working at the eatery, you’re offered a job at a marketing company. Because those two fields are extremely different from each other, you shouldn’t have to worry about leaving the fast-food job early. The only thing you should do is make sure you leave on good terms.

But, let’s say you are leaving one marketing company for another after only working there for six months. This could cause a pause for your new employer, as you would have similar duties. They might even assume that because you left your former position quickly, you could do the same to them. The best way to determine whether you need to quit is to ask yourself if staying in your position will push you closer to or further from your dreams.

If it’s pushing you forward, here are four tips on how to leave a job the right way.

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Write A Resignation Letter

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The first step to do is to give notice to your employer. Do not just send a quick text message or email explaining that you plan to leave. Instead, write a formal resignation letter detailing your decision and last day at the office. It would also be nice to share some gratitude and thank your employer for the experience.

Prepare For Negotiations

In some cases, your employer is going to try to say anything to convince you to stay. This could include a pay raise or the offer to reduce your hours and stay with the company. You need to be prepared for these negotiations. If you truly want to leave your position, stand firm and don’t let any of their new offers pull you back into an uncomfortable situation.

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If You Want To Stay, Bargain

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Don’t just leave a company because of a low salary or lack of benefits. If you love your position and work well with your co-workers, consider having a candid talk with your employer first. If they refuse to bargain, then your decision is justified.

Have Another Job Lined Up

Don’t leave a great job if you do not have another one lined up. Before quitting, make sure you have planned out your next steps and that they are secure. It’s unlikely you could get your old job back after leaving, so ensure you have a concrete new job offer. You’ve got this!

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