Entrepreneurial From Birth: 4 Zodiac Signs With The Qualities Of Business Leaders

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Jun. 18 2024, Published 8:00 a.m. ET

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While business ownership isn’t reserved for any specific group, some zodiac signs are astrologically wired to create fruitful businesses. Whether it’s a grounded nature or a charismatic personality, some zodiac signs are more likely to start a business than others. Discover which zodiac signs are business-made based on their natural abilities and traits.

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1. Virgo

The only thing that can hold a Virgo back is themselves, which might explain their polarizing reception among other astrology signs. If the devil is in the details, you can rest assured that Virgos in business will leave no stone unturned. Their practical approach, with a healthy dose of intuitive guidance, leads to balanced decision-making and a win-win in business. While Virgos are notorious for their perfectionism, having high standards means they are entrepreneurs who focus on solutions and strive for continuous improvement. As evidenced by the many successful moguls under this sign, Virgos are business-savvy individuals who often stay two steps ahead.

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Famous Virgos: Dave Chappelle (Aug. 24), Warren Buffett (Aug. 30), Katt Williams (Sept. 2), Beyonce (Sept. 4), Fawn Weaver (Sept. 7), Karl Lagerfeld (Sept. 10), Jennifer Hudson (Sept. 12), Tyler Perry (Sept. 13), Tamron Hall (Sept. 16), Angela Simmons (Sept. 18)

2. Leo

Leo not only has the talent to birth great ideas, but they also have the personality to make you a believer. Leos can make great leaders, serving as visionaries who inspire others to champion the cause. Always landing on their feet like their feline representative, those under the sign of Leo are great at turning failures into fuel. Possessing the ability to think creatively, a fiery drive to succeed, and personable trustworthiness makes business a no-brainer career path for this fire sign.

Famous Leos: Vivica A. Fox (July 30), Mark Cuban (July 31), Martha Stewart (Aug. 3), Barack Obama (Aug. 4), Spice (Aug. 6), Magic Johnson (Aug. 14), Marsai Martin (Aug. 14), Nipsey Hussle (Aug. 15), Romeo Miller (Aug. 19)

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3. Scorpio

Scorpios have a strong sense of intuition that borders on psychic abilities for some. This trait helps business leaders sense what others are feeling, understand things at a deeper level, and adjust accordingly. Their adaptability lends itself to being resourceful in life and business, while their determination keeps them laser-focused on their target. With an unwavering spirit and a knack for leading teams, a Scorpio that chooses business ownership is a force to be reckoned with.

Famous Scorpio Business Owners: Drake (Oct. 24), Ciara (Oct. 25), Angela Rye (Oct. 26), Bill Gates (Oct. 28), Tracee Ellis Ross (Oct. 29), Gary Vaynerchuk (Nov. 14), RuPaul (Nov. 17), Jack Dorsey (Nov. 19)

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4. Aries

The energy of Aries is made for the ebb and flow of building a business. Their ambitious and outgoing personality fuels many of their passionate pursuits, which can be unstoppable when the individual is committed. Ariens’ major motivations are competition, tackling challenges, and striving toward goals. As a sign that is naturally willing to take risks and get things done, Aries makes ideal business leaders who bring adventure and energy to the scene.

In fact, the founder of Her Agenda, Rhonesha Byng, is an Aries.

Famous Aries: Keegan Michael Key (Mar. 22), Ayesha Curry (Mar. 23), Pharrell (Apr. 5), Billy Dee Williams (Apr. 6), Lil Nas X (Apr. 9), Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds (Apr. 10), Claudia Jordan (Apr. 12)

While these four zodiac signs are likely to start a business, plenty of successful business owners across the astrology scope exist. Whether your sign makes the superlative list of “most likely” or not, each sign has unique traits that can help nearly any business pursuit. 

While some find the entrepreneurial journey more challenging than others, Virgos, Leos, Scorpios, and Aries have quite the leg up based on the characteristics. Each of these signs offers a strength to the business world that puts ideas into action, leading to timeless brands and billion-dollar industries.

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