12​ Insights From Women In Power To Make 2024 Transformative


Dec. 25 2023, Published 7:00 a.m. ET

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Power Agenda –  12​ Insights From Women In Power to Make 2024 Transformative
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Experience is made from the lessons woven throughout the year. Those moments are a part of what makes you, you. As we end the year, we want to celebrate the experiences you had as we look forward to another year. But there’s more to be done. 

We believe 2024 can be your best year yet but the transformation begins now. 

Lean into your experience and the wisdom of the leading women we spoke to this year as you build momentum or breakthrough in 2024. Let the advice from women in power provide guidance and inspiration to transform your new year.

1. Go for it.

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“Go for it,” that’s what Tammeca Rochester, CEO and Founder of Harlem Cycle, shared in her interview with Her Agenda. A mechanical engineer turned CEO saw a need in her Harlem community and went for it. Since then she has become a full-time entrepreneur and opened a second location. Tammeca shared how waiting on other people isn’t the right solution, so if you’re looking for decision-making motivation for 2024, this is it.

2. Nothing is impossible.

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If 2023 wasn’t what you desired, founder and CEO of Kaleidoscope Hair Products, Jesseca Harris-Dupart, has the perfect take on resilience to transform your new year. Jesseca joined Her Agenda and shared how everything from being a teen mom to entrepreneurial mistakes to natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina have challenged her, but she continued to focus on building her business. Jesseca says, “Nothing is impossible. You can bounce back from anything.”

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3. Action means making mistakes.

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If making progress is part of your 2024 goals, then prepare to make mistakes along the way. Arva Rice, President and CEO of New York Urban League, shared that tidbit in her interview where she discussed the ups and downs of leading a successful nonprofit, including making decisions, misconceptions, and motivation. Lean into Arva’s words as you take action in the new year.

4. Do everything with intention. 

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When speaking with Abena Boamah-Acheampong, Founder of Hanahana Beauty, one word presented itself over and over again – intention. This successful entrepreneur showed us through discussing her brand’s progress and how she makes decisions, that intention isn’t a strategy, it’s a way of life beneficial for your new year and beyond. Abena says, “Everything that you do, should move with a space of intention around it, and that means from the goal to the strategy.”

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5. Embrace opportunities when they come.

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Crystal Peters, founder of Beauty Brand Camp, described her pathway to entrepreneurship as non-traditional because as the beauty executive planned for sabbatical and opportunity for entrepreneurship presented itself with the late Chris-Tia Donaldson of TGIN. Since then Crystal has grown Beauty Brand Camp to be a staple in supporting Black-owned brands in major big-box retailers – increasing sales along the way. However, Crystal’s powerful advice for the new year isn’t just about performance, it’s a lesson in embracing opportunities when they are presented.

6. Do the work.

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As a pre-med student turned entertainment executive, Mika Pryce, Senior Vice President of Production at Paramount Pictures, knows about changing paths and forging ahead but shares simple but powerful advice on how to make it all happen – “you have to do the work.” There’s no shortage of finish lines that we are dreaming of in the new year, but remember that the journey will require work.

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7. Address your inner critic.

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Is something holding you back? Don’t allow it to take another year from you. Take advice from L’Oreal Thompson Payton, Journalist, Speaker, and author of the book, ‘Stop Waiting For Perfect’ about reclaiming your power through writing a break-up letter. L’Oreal’s advice is that “a first step to overcoming these obstacles placed before you is getting rid of that inner critic and trusting that you are enough.”

8. Define your own power.

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Speech coach, speaker, and thought leader Samara Bay’s Her Agenda interview was a journey through a career as a dialect coach turned multi-hyphenate that was equal parts eye-opening and inspiring. While learning things about breath, pitch, tone, volume, and pace in speaking was intriguing, the transformative part of the conversation revolved around defining power. Samara says, “We get to define power in a way that we like, that we want to see more of, and that we want to be.” What does this mean for 2024? We must create our own definitions.

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9. Mind your money.

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Yanely Espinal, author, speaker, and director of Educational Outreach at Next Gen Personal Finance, has evergreen financial advice that will definitely have an impact on your new year – mind your money. With a book of the same name released earlier this year, Yanely shares that “money is a tool you can use one way or another,” so envision how you want to use your money in the new year to change your life.

10. Know your rights.

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In the last few years, the government has made monumental changes in deciding rights involving gender, reproductive health, race, and more. It’s essential to know, understand, and defend your rights, so you can make decisions that impact your life. That’s why the conversation with Rena Greifinger, Managing Director, Maverick Collective & Director, PSI, was important to reference. Rena says, “Everyone needs to know and internalize that their sexual and reproductive health rights are sacred and need to be protected.”

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11. Keep learning and bettering yourself.

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Multi-hyphenate creative and SVP of Content at iOne Digital, Allison McGevna-Cirino, joined us and shared many gems related to her two decades in the media industry – while building relationships, keys to management, and speaking your worth were all discussed – Allison’s overarching theme about continuous learning is

12. Put your blinders on!

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Throughout the year, you’ll see many people doing great things – it’s great to celebrate and even admire the success of others, but there’s a piece of advice from Robyn Atwater, Founder and CEO of CURLDAZE Haircare, it’s important to focus on what makes you unique. Robyn says, “Literally, put your blinders on! Be aware of the climate but put your blinders on,” and that’s great advice that can transform your year.

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By: Dominique Johnson-Lindsay

Dominique Johnson-Lindsay is Digital Community Manager at Her Agenda, focused on furthering the mission by bringing ambitious women together through meaningful programming and building bonds with one another. Beyond her role, Dominique is an award-winning multihyphenate marketer and business owner based in Birmingham, Alabama. The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) graduate and digital marketing enthusiast loves marketing technology, community-building and mentoring the next generation of marketers.

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