Chazley Williams

A true southern girl at heart, Chazley Williams thrives on educating and

inspiring others. Chazley is an advocate for disability rights and diversity

issues. She wants to share her perspective through writing on important

topics regarding education, women’s health, diversity issues in the

workplace, and generational trauma. Chazley is also a wife, caregiver,

writer, educator, and visionary. She has a BA in English & Political

Science and is currently attaining a Master of Education. When she isn’t

working as an educator, she enjoys indulging in romance novels,

discovering new restaurants, & listening to podcasts.

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    Here Is Why Shows Like 'Harlem' And 'Run The World' Can And Should Co-Exist

    The much-anticipated comedy ‘Harlem’ from Amazon Studios streaming on Prime Video has been considered by some to be similar to the likes of Starz ‘Run the World’ and HBO’s 'Insecure' with the four Black girlfriend dynamic. On the contrary, who says more than one show about Black women can’t exist!? Both shows are being referred to as a modern-day ‘Sex and the City’ with beautiful diverse Black women, and both of these shows are just what was needed.
    By Chazley Williams
  • 5 Inspirational Books To Kick Off A Prosperous New Year

    5 Inspirational Books To Kick Off A Prosperous New Year

    With the end of the year quickly approaching, everyone is looking for a fresh start for 2022, and these books can help you with that.
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    The Main Agenda

    Review: Rebecca Hall’s 'Passing' On Netflix

    Intriguing, yet heartbreaking would be words to describe the Netflix film Passing.
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  • Depression
    The Main Agenda

    Intentional Support And Resources For Tackling Suicide Amongst Black Women

    Recognizing the signs of depression and suicide in a loved one can be serious. The first lifesaving step is getting them the help they need, to do this, we need to be open to those tough conversations.
    By Chazley Williams
  • Black women fertility
    The Main Agenda

    Black Women With Fertility Challenges: Why They Suffer In Silence

    Research has proven that Black women are twice as likely as white women to suffer from infertility, but are less likely to seek medical help.
    By Chazley Williams
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